Attacking “Palm Sunday’s “March is an Extension of the Israeli Discrimination and Repression against our People


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the Israeli occupation authority’s banning of raising the Palestinian flag during “Palm Sunday” march in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The Ministry Further condemns the Israeli occupation forces and police attack on international and Palestinian participant who tried to raise the Palestinian flag next to other counties flags.

The Ministry affirms that this unwarranted aggression proves that our people, Christians and Muslims, are subjected to constant oppression, discrimination, and violence, as constant restrictions are imposed upon their freedom of prayer and access to their holy sites.

This proves the false claims and lies of Israeli officials who state that there’s a freedom of worship for all religions, and it also reflects the extent of racial discrimination practiced by the occupation authorities against Palestinians, which also includes frequent and daily attacks against churches and mosques, foremost of which is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Meanwhile, the occupation authorities are organizing, supporting and protecting the provocative so-called “marches of flags” carried out by ultra-Jews in the Old City of

The Ministry holds the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, direct and fully responsibility for the consequences of this ongoing aggression against the Palestinian holy sites, and perceives it as a flagrant violation of the principles of human rights, especially the right and freedom of worship, calling upon the United Nations and its
organs to take measures to ensure the security and safety of pilgrims and worshipers, and protect the houses of worship from the futility of the occupation and the settlers.