IOF shells outpost in Gaza after border explosion

PNN / Bethlehem

Israeli tanks shelled a Hamas observation posts in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in retaliation for explosions denotated near the Israel/Gaza border fence, reports Israeli officials.

The IOF Spokesperson reported on Twitter that, ‘IDF tanks targeted Hamas posts. The IDF holds Hamas responsible for all incidents of terrorism that happen under its jurisdiction.’

The Spokesperson regarded the attack as a retaliatory measure to the explosions earlier that day, stating that, ‘a number of explosive devices were detonated on the security fence along the northern Gaza Strip.

‘No injuries were reported.’

A security source for Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, reported to France 24 that one round hit an observation post near the border, damaging it but not causing any casualties.

The source also reported that four blasts had been detonated near the border fence before sunrise that morning, possibly damaging it, but did not go so far as to attribute blame for the blast to any particular faction.

Israeli Cabinet minister Zeev Elkin said that ‘we are witnessing an attempt to fan the flames in the south,’ in an interview with Israeli public radio, and that he held Islamic Jihad or one of the smaller militant organisations in Gaza to be responsible for the explosions, not Hamas.

Earlier this week, an explosion was denotated near the Erez checkpoint to Gaza during the visit of Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah.

Neither Hamdallah or any members of his convoy wee injured in the incident and their visit to open a new water treatment plant carried on as planned.

The Palestinian Presidency published a scathing response later that day which held Hamas to account for the explosion.

Hamas denied involvement and criticised the Presidency for levelling blame at them.

On Fenruary 17, Gaza witnessed the largest Israeli airstrike battery in some years after an explosion near the border fence wounded four Israeli soldiers.

18 targets were subsequently struck in Gaza in just one night.

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