MOFA: Colonization is illegal and undermines chances of peace

PNN/ Ramallah/

Colonial Israeli organizations have recently disclosed the attempt of establishing 11 settlement projects in Jerusalem with the support and funding of the Israeli government and the municipality of occupation.

In addition to the large-scale approvals for the construction of thousands of settlement units in the settlement of “Gilo” south of occupied Jerusalem, and other colonial schemes to link the settlement with “Har Gilo” Settlement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an official statement responded by saying that the ruling right in Israel continues to expand the construction of settlements on the state of Palestine’s lands specifically in the occupied East Jerusalem to impose a status quo that serves the occupations interests and ideology to reach a political solution consistent with the expansionist colonial vision.

The Ministry condemned the “unprecedented escalation of settlements construction” along the occupied Palestinian territory and in Jerusalem, and reiterated the illegality of the settlements as a whole, considering that the American declaration on Jerusalem and the American bias to the right-wing positions in Israel encouraged Netanyahu’s government to accelerate their attempts to resolve the future of Jerusalem and the designated areas (c) including the Jordan Valley unilaterally and with the force of occupation, which constitutes a fundamental threat to the chances of achieving a just and viable peace based on the principle of a two-state solution.

The Ministry called upon the UN Security Council to hold its legal and moral responsibilities towards the Palestinian people and their suffering, and act swiftly and effectively to implement its relevant resolutions, thus protecting the peace process and the chances of achieving it.

The ministry also called upon President Donald Trump administration to invest in the opportunity of peace provided by President Mahmoud Abbas in the Security Council, and to adopt a peace process through convening an international conference which leads to the continuation of international multilateral negotiations within an agreed timetable to achieve a two-state solution, and establish a viable and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.