Israeli right wing parties Politicizes the Israeli Judiciary to Legitimize More Illegal settlements

Bethlehem/PNN/ By: Madeeha Araj

The Israel’s judiciary system did not and still doesn’t acted in isolation from Israeli political considerations in many stations that related to Palestinian lives and the ongoing conflict on the ground between settlers and the government of Israel and Palestinian citizens. The judicial system usually intervenes under the direction of the political and security levels to legitimize here and elsewhere the confiscation of Palestinian land and transferring them to the settlement purposes. Within this, attempt to politicize the Israeli judiciary to work smoothly to settle and legitimize more settlement outposts set up by the Israeli Government in the West Bank. In an interview with Israel’s Ch. 7, Justice Minister, Ayalit Shaked revealed the Israeli efforts in the field of law and order to settle and legitimize settlement outposts in the West Bank.

Within this context, the Committee for the Appointment of Judges in Israel, headed by the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, approved the appointment of Bahia Zandberg as a judge In the Central Court of Jerusalem, after she served as chairwoman of the Committee on the Bleaching of Settlements, who is a close associate of Justice Minister Ayelet Shakid (Jewish House). Zandberg led two legal campaigns supporting the settlers, which were contrary to the instructions of the Ministry of Justice and the legal adviser to the government and their positions, and then was appointed at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Through his appointment, Shaked seeks to consolidate the settlement policy and prevent the evacuation of settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank, including those that are built on private Palestinian land, and not only the so-called “state lands.”

With the transfer of powers to the central court, Zandberg will be having the greatest influence on the decision about settlements and outposts, which would increase settlement even if the government or the political echelon opposed it. The appointment of Alex Shtain and Ofer Grosskov as judges in the Supreme Court, which thee observers saw as a victory for Shakid, which supported a number of nominations in various courts. Shatid was appointed as the head of the Supreme Court, Esther Hayout, according to which judges would not object to the appointment of the judge in the Jerusalem District Court, Yigal Marzel, as head of the court. In her comments on the appointments, Shaked said, “This is the one of the happiest day in the Israeli judiciary.

The Israeli government began building houses units in new settlement of Amihai, located near the settlement of Shilo between Nablus and Ramallah cities, Ameihai settlement is supposed to house 40 families evacuated by the Israeli authorities in February 2017 from the “Amona” settlement ner the Ramallah governorate, which was built on private Palestinian land.

The Israeli “Kelvin” company for excavation works has started putting up mobile homes in the new “Amihai” settlement on the lands of Jaloud village, in Nablus, ” in the basin 16 known as “Jabal Abu Rokhm,.” where the extremist settlers asked their government to recognize the settlement following the Israeli occupation forces evacuated the Amona outpost. The new settlement has confiscated agricultural land of more than 205 donums on September 11th, under the pretext of a “State land. Israeli Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri said earlier that all obstacles of construction in settlements have been removed, as a budget of more than NIS 40,000,000 was allocated for that. Reports said the Israeli Ministry of Finance would transfer NIS 55,000,000 to the Interior Ministry to be transfer to the Regional council in the occupied West Bank.

Moreover, Deri gave the green light to Israeli Planning and Construction Institutions for the construction of a new settlement near the Qalqilia city to accommodate more than 20,000 settlers through merging 4 settlements of Sh’ari Tekva, Itis Efrim and Elkana within one regional settlement council, and then Oranit will be added 2023 to be the large city for settlers.

On the other hand, Netanyahu allocates NIS 60,000,000 to build homes for settlers, who will be evacuated from the “Netiv Haqvot” outpost south of Bethlehem. The Israeli government will evacuate the settlers from 15 buildings from the outposts. Education Minister, Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister, Ayalit Shaked visited the outpost and met with the settlers, thy assured them that they will work with the government to postpone the evacuation process. In Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Municipality approved a plan to build 3,000 settlement units outside the Green Line in occupied Jerusalem on 280 dunums, naming it “Olive Grove” neighborhood.

In serious statements during a closed-door meeting with the heads of Jewish organizations in North Africa, the US Ambassador to Tel Aviv, David Friedman, explained that the issue of evacuating settlers worries the Israeli government, adding that the IDF’s leadership is more oriented towards religious Zionism, and that its officers are committed to this land as the land given to them by the God, believing that the eviction could lead to civil war.