Palestinian Federation in the US holds Mid-Year Conference in San Jose

PNN/ Washington/

The American Federation of Ramallah (AFRP) on 34-24 February held its Mid-Year Conference in San Jose, California, where it has approved a series of resolutions regarding the Palestinian national situation, and a number of resolutions relating to the situation of the expatriate community members.

The US-based Palestinian group resolved rejecting US administration’s decision  to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

“Such a decision ignores and rejects the Palestinian historical rights to Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the just cause of the Palestinian rights to for self-determination and independence from the Israeli occupation and the creation of an independent Palestinian State,” resolution said.

AFRP called  the US Administration to rescind this decision in order to be an honest, even-handed peace broker.

As for the Federation’s activities and events this year, AFRP resolved to support the organization’s 2018 convention to be held in Ramallah Palestine, and encouraged all its members to make every effort to attend, saying it will continue to work to achieve the aspirations of their people through this conference and other activities associated with it.

The Association said it’s  proud of the participation of our young adults in our organization, for their continued interest in improving participation in our Federation.

“The administration hears you, applaud you and wishes to empower you to continue to provide valuable insights, input and directions,” statement said. 

To his part, President of the federation, Dr. Hanna Hanania stressed that this conference was aimed to discuss the duration of the meetings, the most prominent files and activities that were implemented in the previous phase, as well as the development of plans and activities for the approval and success of future events.

Hanania reaffirmed the   rejection Trump’s Jerusalem decision, saying the organization will make more activities to emphasize this position in cooperation with Arab and Islamic organizations and the US advocating the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hanania also stressed the importance of the success of the annual conference scheduled to be held this summer in Ramallah since it will link expatriates and their roots and protect their rights.