MOFA: Trump’s declaration encouraged occupation to accelerate  Judaization of Jerusalem  

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in a statement on Tuesday condemned what it called “the Judaization war” launched by the Israeli occupation authorities on occupied East Jerusalem and its old historic and designated areas.

The ministry further condemned the settlers’ eviction and expropriation of large areas of Madma village near Nablus, and their attack against the Palestinian valley ;the latest of which was the settlers’ establishment of three settlement sites , and razing the lands of Thahr Al-Maleh village
in the vicinity of  Yitzhar settlement.

The Ministry also condemned  the Israeli government’s plans to Judaize the old city of Jerusalem specifically the touristic plan supervised by Elad settlement organization, which is responsible for the establishment of the longest line of omega ski in East Jerusalem, in addition to the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Church through the imposition of colonial taxes on it.

The ministry stressed that the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, continues to disregard the international consensus which have rejected the American declaration on Jerusalem and the transfer of the embassy, ​​warning of the repercussions of Israeli plans on the future of the peace process and the two-state solution, moreover, this requires the UN and its institutions, foremost the UN Security Council, to change how they deal with the occupation authorities in accordance to their relevant resolutions, and to take practical measures to end the occupation and its grave violations of international law and its resolutions, it also requires active and effective political mobility from all countries, especially those that claim to be committed to the two-state solution and the principles of human rights, thus contributing to the implementation of the international legitimacy on the situation in Palestine.

The failure to hold Israel accountable; as a state; for its violations and crimes encourages it to continue to rebel against and disregard the international system and its legitimacy, the minsitry said in conclusion.