MOFA says outspread of settlements is derived from US bias  

 PNN/ Ramallah/ 

The Palestinian Ministry OF Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in a statement on Sunday condemned  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plan, announced on Sunday, to build more than 800 settlement units in the Har Brakha settlement south of Nablus, turning it into a huge settlement outpost.

The ministry also condemned the Israeli government’s approval of establishing a new settlement for the settlers evacuated from the settlement outpost of Netiv Hakofot, south of Bethlehem.

The statement said the ministry believes that Benjamin Netanyahu, who is accused by corruption, is trying to entice the right-wing public, especially the settlers, by accelerating settlement plans and responding to demands from the public to seize and Judaize more Palestinian land.

The Ministry also asserted that this attack is derived from the American bias positions towards the occupation authorities and its expansionist colonial policies, which obligates the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and defend its credibility.