IOF raids in Nabi Saleh arrest 10 members of Tamimi family

PNN / Bethlehem

IOF forces have reportedly arrested 10 members of the Tamimi family this morning during dawn raids on their home in Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah.

The Tamimi family have garnered widespread fame in recent months after the arrest of teenage activist Ahed Tamimi, 17, and Nariman Tamimi, 43, after Ahed Tamimi was filmed slapping an IOF soldier on the Tamimi premises.

The incident sparked a media maelstrom over the ensuing months.

Of the ten family remembers reportedly arrested on Monday, four were underage – between 14 and 17 – while another was aged 19, and the rest aged between 21 and 29.

Among those arrested was Mohammad Tamimi, 15, who was permanently disfigured after being shot with a rubber bullet by an IOF soldier last year.

Mohammad remains inextricably disfigured as the bullet concaved his cranium.

He is reportedly awaiting much needed surgery to amend what damage they can, according to Wafa News. The surgery is reportedly scheduled to take place in March.

It was less than an hour after the original incident with Mohammad Tamimi that the altercation between Ahed and the IOF forces took place.

Ahed Tamimi remains in custody awaiting the final verdict of her case.

Her detention has remained a point of contention between Israeli authorities and the international community and numerous human rights bodies as her trial has been repeatably postponed.

She has been detained since her arrest in December last year and faces 12 counts including assault which, if convicted, could lead to a lengthy jail sentence.

On February 14th, the United Nations called on Israel to release Ahed, warning that her prolonged detention violated international law.

Canadian legal expert Michael Lynk, who reports to UN Human Rights Council on human rights issues in the Occupied Territories, called on Israel to adhere to international law, stating;

‘The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Israel has ratified, clearly states that children are to be deprived of their liberty only as a last resort, and only for the shortest appropriate period of time.’

‘None of the facts of this case would appear to justify her ongoing detention,’ Lynk said.

The European Union voiced similar concerns earlier this year, calling on Israel to ‘respond proportionately to protests, and open investigations following fatalities, in particular when involving a minor.’

Monday morning’s raid was reportedly conducted in response to, ‘the increase in the number of riots and popular terrorist acts coming from the village of Nabi Saleh,’ according to an IOF statement, quoted by i24 News.

According to Wafa news, Nabi Saleh has been the target of intensified IOF aggression in the month’s following Ahed Tamimi’s arrest, including numerous raids and arrests.

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