Fundraiser launched for treatment of Palestinian teen shot by IOF 

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A campaign has been recently launched at GoFundMe website aiming to provide rehabilitation for a 17-year-old Palestinian, Hassan Mizher from Deheisheh refugee camp, who was shot in the neck while waiting for the school bus.

The gunshot, which took place during an Israeli raid on the amp in January, caused Mizher a severe spinal cord injury and paraplegia.

Shooting details: 
 As the soldiers crested the hill, chaos began unfolding inside the camp. The chaos of the nearby raid had unraveled and spread to the school bus stop area. Hearing the ruckus, 17 year old Hassan looked over his shoulder, hearing shouting from the military captain ordering his lieutenant to shoot at the boys. Turning just in time to see a frightened soldier standing 15 meters away, he saw the firearm discharge and felt a surge of pain in his back, knocking him backwards as he collapsed on the ground. Twelve minors were injured, with Hassan in critical condition.

Due to the lack of emergency response infrastructure as a result of the Israeli imposed military occupation and restrictions of movement within the West Bank, Hassan was rushed to the hospital by car rather than ambulance, local camp residents personally delivering him to the ICU.

Initially received by the ICU at Hussein Hospital in Bethlehem, the staff determined that Hassan had been shot in the 9th spinal disc, with a special bullet type that expands upon impact, thus aggravating the injuries that Hassan sustained. Realizing his critical condition, Hassan was then sent to Mizan Hospital in Hebron, where a former high conflict zone specialist performed a bullet extraction surgery, noting the unusual nature of the bullet and the severity of the injury that Hassan had sustained.

Hassan’s current files from the Beit Jala Arab Center for Rehabilitation, reveal the following:
a)       Complete lower limb paraplegia
b)       Normal motor and sensation 1 upper limb
c)       Lower Limb loss of motor system
d)       Absent reflex in lower limbs

The campaign goal is to reach €4,000 which will be used for a 4-week visit to a rehabilitation center outside of Frankfurt, Germany, where he will receive expert medical opinions, rehab for his mid-to-lower body in order to return functions for excretion and movement therapy.

Additional expenses include transport, plane tickets and visa expenses.

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