Tayseer Khaled: Israel Provides Monthly Allowances for Killers of Palestinian Citizens

Ramallah /PNN/

The PLO Executive Committee Member, Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department Tayseer Khaled described the Knesset’s Ministerial Committee’s approval to deduce the allowances of the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners from the Palestinian Tax Revenues as pirating and robbing the Palestinian Public Fund.

Thus, he called for combating and exposing this disgusting racist policy that the Israeli government pursues to blackmail the Palestinian side on a humanitarian issue related to Palestinians’ obligations towards the Palestinian victims of Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people under occupation.

Khaled added, shame on Israel doing such dirty piracy of deducting the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners’ allowances, and then allocates them to Jewish terrorists, who committed crimes against the Palestinian people, funds Jewish terror organizations and associations, provides monthly support for them, despite being convicted by the Israeli courts of perpetrating terrorist acts against the Palestinians, and deals with them as national heroes, of whom Yehuda Etzion, Yitzhak Nir, Menachem Livni, Natan Zon, Israel Zach, members of the Secret Jewish Organization, who were convicted in 1984 of blowing up houses and cars of the Mayor of Nablus Municipality, Bassam Al-Shaqa’, Mayor of Ramallah Municipality, Kareem Hana Khalaf, and Mayor of Al-Bireh Municipality, Ibrahem Al-Taweel.

Some of them work at Netanyahu’s office, others are advisors to the Fascist minister, leader of the Jewish House party, Naftali Bennett. Yehuda Etzion was also allowed to establish the Temple Society, besides, Yoram Shkolnik, who killed an blindfolded and handcuffed Arab worker, and the terrorist, Yoram Hatnhl, who burned Dawabsheh family in the Doma village, also receive monthly salary from the Israeli Honino Organization. For example, Hatnhl received NIS 600,000 in a year.

Accordingly, Khaleed called for transferring the Occupation Army, the terrorist Jewish Organizations that committed crimes against the Palestinians during in the occupied Palestinian territories the 1967’s aggression, and the perpetrators of such crimes to the Human Rights Council, and other concerned human rights organizations to disclose the rulers of Tel Aviv’s policy, and to prevent them from marketing their false and misleading version in some European circles that deal with this issue in double standards, which encourage the Israel Government for carrying out such piracy and robbery of the Palestinian Public Fund.