Hamas: Greenblatt turns a blind eye to occupation and its crimes

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Hamas today responded to U.S. president, Donald Trump’s Representative for Negotiations, Jason Greenblatt’s statements which described the movement acts as “cowardly,” saying that he is blinded by Israel’s occupation and crimes.

Hamas leader, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri,  said Greenblatt’s statements against Hamas are “a reflection of the US administration positions which turn a blind eye to the origin of the issue, which is the occupation and its crimes, particularly the strangulation of Gaza.”

Abu Zuhri concluded that Greenblatt should know that Gaza will not surrender to the Israeli blockade, and will work to break it no matter what it takes.
This came in response to

This came as Greenblatt on Sunday slammed Hamas leaders in the wake of recent attacks on Israeli soldiers in response to shelling on Gaza.

On his twitter, Greenblatt wrote:
“HAMAS hides improvised explosive device to attack Israeli soldiers & is shooting rockets at Israel again! Such cowardly acts will only escalate violence, not build the prosperous society the people of Gaza deserve!” he tweeted.

His comments follow Saturday’s incident in which four Israeli soldiers were injured when an explosive detonated as they patrolled near the Gaza border fence.
On Saturday as well, Israel fired rockets at Gaza, killing two Palestinian children aged 15 and 17.