Extremists settlers attacks Palestinian house near Nablus

Nablus /PNN/

A group of extremists settlers from Yitzhar settlement in the northern West Bank today attacked a Palestinian house in Asira al-Qibliya village, south of Nablus.

The homeowner, Jawad Ahmed, said in an interview with PNN that a large group of settlers attacked his house at 5 o’clock in the morning, when he and his family woke up surprised by the sound of glass windows and balconies being broken.

“The settlers surrounded the house from all sides” Jawal said, adding that the settlers came to his house and besieged him. They began throwing stones in an attempt to intimidate him and his family.

They also destroyed a tank of water, and smashed the solar panels on the roof of the house, he said.

Jawad pointed out that the attack was carried out under the auspice Israeli occupation forces, noting that the twenty settlers passed by an Israeli military tower on the way to his house. The tower is only 30 meters from the Jawad household.

Jawad was certain that the settlers entered and left in front of soldiers who were patrolling from the tower.

He called on Palestinian officials and legal authorities to follow up on the attack and hold the settlers and the occupation army accountable for the attack.

Dozens of Israeli settlers on Tuesday at dawn broke into Awarta and Jeet villages, near Nablus, in the northern West Bank, where they damaged vehicles and sprayed racist graffiti.

Media sources in Nablus said the settlers broke the windshields of parked cars and punctured their tires.

They added that the assailants also invaded Jeet village, and punctured the tires of three cars, in addition to writing graffiti, including “Price Tag,” and “Death To Arabs.”

Price Tag is a term frequently used by Israeli extremist groups when they attack Palestinian property, including when they burn or defaced, cars, homes and places of worship.

In recent months, extremist settlers from the northern West Bank settlements have launched a series of barbaric attacks on Palestinian citizens.

The extremist settlers have been spotted in recent months in more than one location, attacking agricultural land, houses, as well as foreign human rights activists.


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