For the second day: IOF continue to close entrance of Beita village  

PNN/ Nablus/

For the second day in a row,  Israeli occupation forces continue to close the entrances of Beita village near Nablus, northern West Bank, following violent clashes that lasted for hours yesterday over the establishment of a new settlement outpost in the village.

The Mayor of Beita, Fuad Maali, confirmed that a number of Israeli patrols accompanied by a bulldozer closed the entrance to the village with cement blocks, then detained four youths and questioned them. Clashes broke out following the closure, where IOF fired bullets and sound grenades.

In addition, Maali confirmed that Israeli settlers had established a new settlement outpost on the Palestinian land belonging to the villagers.

“They set up their tents on the Palestinian land belonging to the residents of the town at the beginning and then brought mobile homes (caravans),” Maali said. “They began to build electricity, water and telephone lines and called the outpost The name “Betar”.

The residents of the town fear that the outpost will be turned into a settlement that will expand at the expense of the Palestinian territories.

The mayor explained that he had addressed the official and legal Palestinian authorities to start moving to remove the outpost.

The city of Nablus alone is surrounded by about 40 settlements that the Israeli occupation authorities have whitened, and a settlement point that has not yet been whitewashed.