Syrian Air Defenses Respond to ‘New Israeli Aggression’ Near Damascus, State TV Reports


Syrian state media said early on Wednesday that Syrian air defenses had responded to what it described as “a new Israeli aggression” in the countryside around the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Sources close to the Syrian government said Israeli missiles had targeted a “research center” in the town of Jamraya, just north of Damascus. According to reports on social media, three explosions were heard in the Damascus area.

The Syrian army’s air defence system “dealt with these missiles and destroyed a number of them before reaching their targets,” one source told dpa.

This is not the first report of Israeli strikes on a research facility in Jamraya. In December, Israel reportedly struck an Assad regime military target near Damascus. According to pro-Assad media reports, Syrian forces allegedly fired anti-aircraft missiles toward Israeli jets. One such website wrote that the Israeli strikes targeted the Jamraya Research and Information Center, a security facility in a Damascus suburb.