MOFA: Brutal aggression against Jenin another side of state terrorism

 PNN/ Ramallah/ 

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates strongly condemned the brutal Israeli aggression against Jenin, the last of which was yesterday in the town of Burqin, Al-Kefir, Al-Zababdeh, and the eastern area of ​​Jenin city and its camps; which led to the martyrdom of the 19 year old Ahmad Abu Obeid and the dozen injuries.

In addition to the mass arrests and home demolitions, and imposing a blockade on Palestinian villages, additionally, unleashing police dogs on the homes of citizens in the village of “Kfeir,” where a couple were injured after being attacked by police dogs, along with other collective punishment means such as the cramming of several families into one house after forcing them to leave their homes, which has been a target for provocative inspection and destroying the belongings.

The Ministry affirmed  that the occupation’s extraordinary measures reaffirms the degree of extremism, racism and hatred that exists in the military and political institutions of Israel, as a result of large-scale incitement campaigns, and instructions. This tears down the image of the “morality” of the occupation’s army that Netanyahu and other Israeli officials are trying to display and it reflects how the Israeli soldiers transform into killing machines when it comes to Palestinians.

Exposing the depth of racial discrimination practiced by the occupation authorities against the Palestinians through various forms of organized state terrorism, the Ministry said in a statement. 

The Ministry concluded by saying it is questioning the role of the countries that claim to be concerned about human rights, and human rights organizations that is concerned with these grave violations of laws and humanitarian principles.