Israeli Army & Border Police troops banning by force Palestinians from entering Al-Shuhada' St. during the demonstration of the 20th anniversary of closing Al-Shuhada' (Martyr's) St. in the old city of Hebron. Where it's been closed since 1994 after the Massacre of Hebron where 29 Palestinian where killed by an Israeli man.

B’Tselem report finds continued IOF aggression in 2018

PNN / Bethlehem

Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem has released their revised account of human rights abuses in the West Bank to include those for the first half of January 2018.

The report titled ‘A Routine Founded on Violence’, which accounts only for the period of 30 December 2017 through 12 January 2018, paints a grim picture of continued aggression from IOF forces in the wake of renewed tensions in December.

While the overall number of arrests of Palestinians by Occupation Forces dropped from a high of 237 in the first half of December to 139 in January, raids on towns and villages as well as individual residences remained high.

137 towns and villages were raided in the first half of January. The highest concentration of raids was in the Nablus District where towns and villages were raided 35 times, as well at least 12 homes.

Raids on homes fell slightly in the first half of January with 68 homes raided across the West Bank.

At least 77 individuals were arrested in the Hebron district, including 35 minors.

B’Tselem renewed its call to end the occupation of Palestinian land and to deescalate procedural and systematic violence in the region, with particular mention to the detainment and subsequent treatment of Palestinian youth.

The report was compiled by information from B’Tselem investigators as well as Palestinian DCO.