Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel thinks of post-Abbas stage, Israeli minister says


The right-wing Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennet said on Wednesday that his government is discussing the possibility of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s absence from the political arena, Israeli General Radio reported.

According to Anadolu news agency, the Israeli radio reported Bennet saying: “The reign of PA President Mahmoud Abbas is dying as he became outdated.”

Bennet added: “Abbas does not plan to offer any concessions for the sake of peace.”

He continued: “Israel is thinking of the post-Abbas stage and it does not fear the halt of security cooperation with the Palestinians. If the PA security agencies do not fight terrorists, Israel will carry out the mission.”

Anadolu says that the Israeli government has recently escalated its criticism of Abbas due to his insistence on rejecting US President Donald Trump’s decision about Jerusalem.