Turkey hands over assassination suspect to Lebanon

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Lebanese security sources announced on Tuesday that Turkey has handed over a suspect wanted in connection with the attempted assassination of a Hamas official last week, Quds Press has reported. The incident took place in the city of Sidon, south of the capital Beirut.

Ahmed Baytiyeh is accused of orchestrating the attack against Mohamed Hamdan. Baytiyeh, 38, was identified by the Directorate of Information at Lebanon’s internal security services. He is said to be the head of a cell linked to the Israeli Mossad spy agency. Investigations have revealed that Baytiyeh, who is a trader and moved between Lebanon and Holland, has no criminal record and has never been blacklisted.

Hamas pointed out that the whole issue is in the hands of the Lebanese security services. A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement stressed its respect for Lebanese sovereignty and said that it was “confident” about the process implemented by Lebanon’s security services.