Op. Israel gives green light for settlers to seize Palestinian land 

 By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/ 

The Israeli government is allocating budgets for settlement associations operating in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, of which the Settlement Association i.e. “the Preservation of National Land” that is active in evicting Palestinian citizens from their land and establishing settlement outposts in the territories.  Knesset member from the “Jewish House”, Betzeliel Smutrich, a founder of the Association that leads a campaign to evacuate the Palestinian Susya village in the mountains south of Hebron. It also evacuated the Zarnoq village in the Negev. Within the context, the Civil Administration’s negotiations with the Bedouin villages in the West Bank were halted due to pressure from Regavim, which described officer, Dov Zadka, who conducted negotiations on behalf of the occupation authorities as “an extremist from the left.

Since Donald Trump and the extreme right wing came to the White House, the Israeli government has been investing the colonial and racial values ​​of the two administrations in the United States and Israel to impose more facts on the ground that will ever destroy all chances of progress towards a comprehensive and balanced political settlement to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict through pushing the so-called map of Israel’s spatial interests in Judea and Samaria to develop the colonial settlement project in 3 main directions: the development of Greater Jerusalem – mainly eastward towards the Dead Sea, the development of the corridors from the coastal strip to the Jordan Valley, settlement, Judaization and ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel in the so-called Greater Jerusalem. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Eli Ben Dahan said during a closed session for the Jewish community bloc that a 4-5 secret committee staff affiliated to the Israeli Army Ministry is preparing a secret plan to launder the settlement outposts in the West Bank and started mapping about 70 outpost for that, besides escalating settlement in the Jordan Valley within a plan to join 4 settlement of Shadimot Mekhola, Rotem, Givat Silit and Maskiot together within a large settlement bloc, to be the first settlement city established by the occupation on the lands of the northern Jordan Valley in order to judaize the Jordan Valley and uproot the Palestinian presence there.

The Israeli army issued a military order to establish a settlement outpost in the Eish Alghorab area in Beit Sahour In the Bethlehem Governorate , linking it with the nearby settlements until it reaches Jerusalem. According to the Israeli army’s decision, a road linking the Eish Alghorab area to the east of Beit Sahour and the bypass settlement built on the land of the east Bethlehem villages, which connects the settlement with the the Har Homa settlement of, located in the outskirts of Jerusalem. In the notification order to the Beit Sahour municipality to the opening of a 670-meter-long road, but the most dangerous step in this according to the Beit Sahour municipality, is that the occupation forces want to confiscate the occupation used it as an army camp during the second intifada and abandoned it several years ago.

According to the National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements , settlement groups called “the movement of the Jewish Authority in the West Bank” formed field teams to monitor and photograph the Palestinian demonstrators during confrontations with the Israeli occupation army, in an attempt to facilitate targeting, the demonstrators and to arrest or impose punitive measures on them. The groups said that their aim is to facilitate the process of pursuing the Palestinian demonstrators. The groups are equipped with advanced cameras, and they are currently training their personnel on the mechanisms of documenting the confrontations and providing them to the Israeli occupation army.

With the Israeli occupation army’s plan to ethnic cleansing and isolating the Jerusalem and continuing to build the apartheid wall and the possibility of imposing military rule and transferring of security responsibility, the Israeli army is considering the imposition of military control on the 20 isolated villages, and to confiscate identities of some Jerusalemites. particularly those living in Qalandiya, Eizariya, Kafr Aqab, Al-Toor as well as the Shuafat Refugee Camp.