Central Committee 28th session will be held without Hamas, Islamic Jihad

PNN/ Jerusalem/
The 28th session of the Palestinian Central Council will take place on Sunday evening under the title of “Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the State of Palestine”, with the participation of all factions expect for Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The emergency session, which would span over the course of two days, was called for by President Mahmoud Abbas to reaffirm the unified national position and study options following US President Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer his country’s embassy, WAFA said.

The highly anticipated session  will discuss the past phase and future action.

The Council will discuss strategies and steps how to change from a state under the rule of the National Authority to a state under occupation, reshape the committee in charge of Jerusalem, determine the nature of the relationship with Israel and the US and demand to withdraw recognition of Israel.

All factions were invited to participate in the session, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad officially said they will not attend the meeting.

Several PLO officials criticized the Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s decision not to participate in the meeting, reportedly because it will be held in territory occupied by Israel and because factions were excluded from the preparations of the meeting, which has no clear agenda.