We Jerusalem winter camp to tell kids about importance of Jerusalem and how to preserve its Palestinian identity


Alrowwad culture and arts society launching today their winter camp under title “we Jerusalem” in Aida refugee camp south of Bethlehem to tell kids about the importance of Jerusalem and how to preserve its Palestinian identity from trying to Judaize epically after the latest US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation.

This camp, which coincides winter vocation, provided the opportunity for kids to use their free time in useful activities and training throughout the camp daily activities, and the group’s was named according the Jerusalem gates.

The first day contained sports and entertainment activities, and exercises in theater, musical, photography, radio recording, handwork, drawing, reading stories, and learning French and Spanish languages.

For his part, the founder and general director at Alrowwad “Abedelfattah Abusrour” said that Alrowwad society in her strategic plane for 2018 seeks to provide the safe environment for creativity, cultural, and artistic to reach society free of violence, especially in Aida camp, which has recently considered one of the most areas exposed to gas in the world.

Shahed ja’ara one of the participating children express about the importance of Jerusalem and historical of Al amood gate, during radio recording send a message to the international community about the identity of Jerusalem.

Another kid –yehia quar in Hebron gate group” said he had the first chance to learn “Dabka”.

Marie Quirynen one of Alrowwad volunteer’s said “that the experience of working with children in theater, playing even in French classes was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever done” and left a positive and beautiful impact about Palestine, despite the difficult situation surrounding the place.

This winter camp “we Jerusalem” which included 55 children from Aida camp and surrounding area, one of specializes camp in training to growing the children’s abilities. Which continues until the end of the winter vacation.