US willing to examine Palestinian curriculum for possible “incitement”

PNN/ Ramallah/

The US on Thursday was talking about intentions to examine the Palestinian curriculum for possible incitement through remarks by US comptroller, Louis Dodaron.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education in response condemned such attempts to harm the education sector, and the Palestinians books curriculum.

The Ministry stressed that this vicious attack aimed at harming the Palestinian national identity and the role of the education system in promoting this identity through the national curricula.

The ministry pointed out that the methods of the occupation aim to strengthen the colonial settlement approaches that lead to the killing of children and women, and the suppression of the freedom of peoples.

The ministry also  called on all those who voiced intentions to examine  the educational system, including American Senator James Reish and observer Dodaron, to consider the achievements of the Palestinian education which reached regional and international arenas.

The ministry stressed that the national curricula is purely Palestinian in order to promote education on the one hand, and to strengthen national identity on the other hand.