Israel blacklists 20 organizations that support boycott movement


Israel has released it so-called BDS blacklist of organizations whose activists will be refused entry to the country due to their support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

Secretary-General of the Palestine National Initiative Movement, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti condemned the Israeli list to ban 20 International organizations and groups from  entry to Israel or Palestine for their relationship with the BDS

Barghouthi said that the Israeli decision confirms the fascist character of the Israeli government and its shameful denial of international laws, adding that it would not benefit Israel, on the contrary, it would step up the activity of the BDS in the world and increase its activity to isolate the apartheid regime imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people.

Barghouthi stressed that Israel will not be deterred except by escalating the popular resistance and expanding the boycott movement and imposing sanctions on it because it represents the worst system of separation and racial discrimination in recent history.

The names of the 20 organizations were announced Sunday by the Strategic Affairs Ministry, reported Haaretz.

According the report the list of institutions that Israel has blacklisted include Palestinian Solidarity Society in France poking France ,Poking Italy,European Coordinating Committee for Palestinian Committees and Associations ,Friends of Al-Aqsa ,Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Ireland ,Palestinian Committee of Norway ,Palestine Solidarity Association ,Solidarity Campaign of Palestine ,War on Desire, BDS campaign, American Friends Service Committee,American Muslims for Palestine, Pink icon,The Voice of the Jews for Peace, International students for justice in Palestine, American Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Piss Chile,Pedestrian South Africa, International Committee for the BDS Campaign.

Previously, the Ministry had refused to publicly release the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) member list.

“We have shifted from defense to offense,” Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said. “The boycott organizations need to know that the State of Israel will act against them and not allow them to enter its territory to harm its citizens.”

Interior Minister Arye Dery, whose ministry will be responsible for enforcing restrictions on members of the list, added that the activists were trying “to exploit the law and our hospitality to act against Israel and to defame the country.” adding “I will act against this by every means,” he said.

Included on the list are Palestine Solidarity groups in Europe and the US as well as BDS groups in Chile and South Africa. Jewish Voice for Peace has also been named as one of the banned groups.

The US organization, which is made up of Jewish activists calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, said in a statement that it was not surprised by the “bullying” act.

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign is one of 20 organisations that fight for Palestinian rights whose members have just been banned from entering Palestine by the Israeli government. The apartheid regime fears solidarity so much it will stop us from visiting our friends and colleagues in Palestine.

Also worth noting that The Only Democracy is now openly banning Jews who hold the ‘wrong’ opinions on Zionism, the official state ideology in Israel.

“This is a badge of honour, we are in good company, and we will not stop our campaigning work for freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people,” the movement said.

Enforcement of the blacklist is expected to begin in March and will affect those who hold senior or important positions in the named organizations as well as key activists, even if they hold no official position.

Last week, the Israeli government approved a plan setting aside $72 million to fight BDS – the largest monetary investment to date aimed at combating the global boycott campaign.