Al-Malki : We will ask Arab world to boycott countries that move embassies to Jerusalem


The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki said he would officially ask the five Arab foreign ministers who will participate in the January 6 meeting in Jordan to implement the Amman Summit resolutions of 1980, which included the political and economic boycott of countries that transfer their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Malki said in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio that the upcoming meeting will discuss mechanism for action in a number of world capitals to urge them to pressure the US to back down from its decision on Jerusalem and issue clear and firm statements to prevent any country from following Washington’s example.

He said that if the Arab countries combined boycott Guatemala first after it announced that it will move its embassy to Jerusalem, then this decision will hurt it financially because it annually exports 90% of its cardamom pods to Arab countries.

Malki said that under instructions from President Mahmoud Abbas, work is underway to communicate with the countries that Israel is trying to urge to move their embassy to Jerusalem to prevent them from doing this. He said members of the Non-Aligned Movement and the African Union have already said they will not move their embassy to Jerusalem in spite of the enormous American and Israeli pressure.

Regarding the move in the United Nations, the Foreign Minister stressed that the leadership is waiting for the right moment after the end of the Christmas holidays to reapply for the full membership of Palestine at the United Nations, especially since there will be a new Security Council early next year with the accession of the group 5 + 1, meaning six new countries.

He pointed to the need to start consultation with these countries to ensure access to nine votes in the Security Council to ensure the passage of the resolution, pointing out on the other hand that in the event of an American veto, other mechanisms will be discussed.