New settlements in the Jordan Valley, Judaization of Occupied Jerusalem Continues

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

Representatives of the so-called Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Agriculture and the Israel Land Fund held a special session last week to discuss the establishment of a new settlement plan to double the number of settlers in the Valley and imposing occupation control over the area. The plan includes the establishment of 3 settlements named Giv’at Salait, Petronot and Givat Eden, besides the expansion of existing settlements with 14 new settlements to juadize the valley and to benefit from Trump’s consent on that.

It is clear that this plan was prepared by the Israeli Minister of Housing, Galant, in its early stages that mainly aimed at strengthening the settlement project in the Valley, where some 6,000 settlers live there, doubling the number of settlers and attract Israelis to settle in the area. Moreover, budgets, privileges and facilities will be allocated by any settlement willing to absorb new families.

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements considered the Israeli declaration on the construction of new settlements as defiance to the world and the International Legitimacy’s resolutions.

Within the context of the current Judaization process in the occupied Jerusalem, the prestigious synagogue that was funded by the Chufa Family, the “DELIK Jewish Foundation”, to be established in the Western Wall Tunnel in the Old City under the Buraq Wall. The inauguration of the synagogue came as a result of 12 years of support and construction in order to strengthen and preserve the building. The synagogue is featured with a special design, including metal plates with biblical books, scores of seats and a circular wooden stand. The opening of the synagogue coincided with the Israeli Minister of Culture, Miri Regev’s invitation to allocate a budget for the continuation of excavations under the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to find foundations of the “Temple Mount.”

It was disclosed that a special plan was prepared by Regev, Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports in cooperation with the so-called Israeli Antiquities Authority to allocate NIS 250,000,000 for excavation of the alleged foundations of the Temple and other works near ​​the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem.  Knowing that such plans were secret and not as they claim conservative and development works.

Moreover, Regev has allocated NIS 10,000,000 for those dangerous excavations, expected to get more NIS 250,000,000 for that following Trump’s decision that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

As part of the construction of the synagogue, information was revealed about an Israeli plan to build a large synagogue on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in occupied Jerusalem, within the settlement of Maaleh Zeitim. The synagogue area will be 2,000 sqm2 with a cost of NIS 10,000,000.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation authorities began building a section of the Separation Wall on the land north of the Teqoa town east of Bethlehem. The Israeli company Adi crews began construction, specifically on the southern border of the settlement “Tqoa”, to maintain the security of the settlers.

In the Nablus governorate, the Israeli occupation forces bulldozed approximately 500 donums of land belonging to a number of Palestinian families, namely Al Asmar, Dar Khalil and Dar Jabr in the Urif town near the Yitzhar settlement. This is likely to be an introduction to expand the Yitzhar settlement.

US used veto against the Security Council resolution on Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying State, its representative also criticized the UN resolution on settlement, and considered the UN resolutions as the obstacle to achieving peace, but not settlement.

The State of Palestine achieved a great diplomatic victory with the support of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Islamic, Arab and friendly countries by adopting a resolution with overwhelming majority at the UN General Assembly under the title “united for Peace” that rejects any change in the legal status of Jerusalem, opposed only by 9 countries and 35 abstained. The meeting was held to discuss the repercussions of the Trump Declaration and a draft resolution rejecting any change in the legal status of Jerusalem, especially after the United States vetoed the Security Council, Jerusalem in light of the Trump Declaration.

Thus, the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu rejected the UN General Assembly vote on the occupied city of Jerusalem. “The State of Israel explicitly rejects this vote even before it was taken and pledges to continue settlement construction in the city and the embassies to start shifting to Jerusalem.

A list of the Assaults Documented by the National Bureau Perpetrated by Israeli Occupation and Settlers over the last week:


  • Performing prayers and rituals in the traditional Talmudic dress in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, beside the Qatanin Gate.
  • Installing cameras in the Damascus Gate and in many parts of the occupied Jerusalem, especially in the Masarara area, the Damascus Gate, Nablus St., Sultan Sulaiman St., Al-Sahera Gate, Salah Al-Din, Rashid and Zahra St.


  • Uprooting and cutting down scores of almonds, oak and hawthorn trees near the Karmei Tsur settlement.
  • Closing roads leading to the Masafer Yatta villages with soil blocks, preventing citizens passing to their villages.
  • Injuring child, Ameen Ibrahim Ramadan, 9 at the Shalala Street.


  • Breaking into the Khader town under a march organized by the settlers of Gush Etzion south of Bethlehem to escalate the atmosphere in light of the widespread protests against the American decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel.
  • Notifying citizen, Moh’d Ahmed Abu Samar to evacuate his 3-donum land in the Fahm area.
  • Building a section of the Separation Wall on the land north of the Taqoa town east of Bethlehem.


  • Injuring 9 Palestinians and many others suffocated after breaking into the Yosif Tomb east of Nablus. Hundreds of settlers stormed the place under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.
  • Cutting down 20 olive trees from the Madama village lands belonging to Qasim Najar, demolished an agricultural well belonging to Idris Sadiq Qat.


  • Storming the Kefl Haris town north of Salfit under the pretext of ensuring settlers’ visits to perform Talmudic prayers. Thus, harassed the residents with their shouting.

Jordan Valley:

  • Establishing 3 settlements in the Valley as was officially announced by the Israeli occupation authorities to confiscate hundreds of donums in the Ein Hilweh and Um Jamal areas
  • Seizing a bulldozer belonging to Khalid Bani Oudeh, who was opening a road in the Atov area, south of Tubas. The Israeli occupation forces took the bulldozer to the Hamra checkpoint, north of the Jordan Valley.

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