Joint Arab TV broadcast to be launched in support of Jerusalem


The Palestinian Broadcasting Commission Sunday launched a unified media campaign in support of Jerusalem and in protest of US President Donald Trump’s recognition of the city as Israel’s capital.

Ahmad Assaf, General Supervisor of Media in Palestine, said that today’s message is addressed to Trump and that his declaration of Jerusalem rejected, and to Israel, that Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and the Arabs and that Palestinians aren’t alone in this battle to defend Jerusalem.

Assaf pointed out that the Commission has worked to provide all the possibilities and provide means and elements to the success of the today, which came at Egypt’s initiative.

He also said that a lot of Arab radio and channels will participate in today’s Arab Media Day, under the slogan “Jerusalem Unites Us”, stressing that Jerusalem will remain the central cause of Arabs.

Assaf talked about the targeting of Palestinian journalists by Israeli forces and the accusation of the official media of incitement, noting that the Commission receives daily threats but will continue to send the message of Palestinians and expose the practices and violations of the ongoing occupation against them.

He added that since Trump’s Jerusalem statement, 100 Palestinian journalists were injured during clashes that broke out with Israeli forces that suppressed dozens of rallies that came out of support for Jerusalem and in rejection of Trump’s declaration.

Assaf noted that the voice of Palestinians began to reach different countries through the opening of radio offices in many countries. Last month, an office in Egypt was opened and soon there will be offices in Syria and Lebanon in addition to expanding Palestine TV reporters in France, Italy, Spain, Geneva and Brussels.

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