Ashrawi to foreign diplomats: The situation needs real action from int’l community

Bethlehem/PNN/ Monjed jadou –

PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi told foreign diplomats that the current situation  in Palestine needs real action from the international community.

Ashrawi said US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel unilaterally undermined peace opportunities and efforts, wondering what peace Trump and his administration would say after they destroyed any hope of achieving it through the Trump Declaration.

“Trump’s announcement has led to a change in all conditions,” Ashrawi said, stressing that the United States is no longer suitable to be a mediator in the political process as the American decision led to the impossibility of returning to the bast stage she said.

“US President Donald Trump move leads us to a new stage and Palestinians can not go back to past stages. Everything that is said about peace deals is now frozen,and all options  is open after the American announcement.”

Ashrawi said that the PLO studying now the entry of international institutions, including twenty-two institutions and international organizations were The US administration was pressing Palestinians not to enter it.

Trump’s announcement was a clear betrayal of the US administration to Palestinians and peace , asking what can be said for the families of the four martyrs killed by Israeli army adding that its  US responsibility.

In response to a question form PNN editor in chief Monjed Jadou  about the relationship netween the PA and the US following the Trump announcement, Ashrawi said that the PLO will not break the relationship with Washington, but we reject its mediation and we will continue to work with the American community.

“As Palestinians, we have set our position on them based on not dealing with Washington as an intermediary under any circumstances, noting that the Trump Declaration took matters to a new stage.”

However, Ashrawi said there are fruitful and positive relations of cooperation between the Palestinian and American communities.

“There are cooperative relations with the American people saying that there are institutions and universities that support the rights of the Palestinian people and participate in international boycott campaigns against Israel.”

Ashrawi added that the Palestinian leadership will meet on Monday and will discuss the measures that can be taken in response to US decision, stressing that the Authority is a service provider, while the political decision on its future will be in the hands of the PLO.

She added that the Palestinian leadership is considering what will be taken and how the responses will be, where a strategy is being adopted but it should be studied and supported by European and African friends, friends, Arabs, Muslims and Latin American countries.

Ashrawi thanked all the representatives of the countries that rejected the Trump Declaration, pointing out that some still believe that there is hope of reaching peace through US mediation for the negotiations which is something not true and will not happen, stressing that it is time for the international community to take its responsibility seriously because the Palestinian issue is the responsibility of the international community which voted for the establishment of the State of Israel in our land.

Ashrawi revealed that the Palestinians are holding consultations with several countries, including countries in the UN Security Council, to prepare a draft resolution that stresses the need to implement all international resolutions on Jerusalem and settlements and call upon all members who voted in accordance with international legitimacy.

“They can not continue to ignore UN international resolutions on Jerusalem which they were part of it, stressing that the draft will be ready soon and we do not want anyone to be surprised by this,” Ashrawi added, expressing  hopes that all countries that recognize Palestine to implement the two-state solution by recognize the state of Palestine and  Jerusalem as its capital because it is time for this recognition in order to save a political solution leading to real peace instead of facing harsh consequences as a result of this irresponsible decision by the US administration and its president Trump.

At the end of her speech, Ashrawi said that the relationship between Palestinians and Israel will be re-examined and a reexamination of agreements that Israel no longer respects, systematically ,adding that relations with  United States also will be re-examined in line with recent changes.

Ashrawi stressed that the leadership will take a decision on Oslo agreement by PLO Central Council, which also will defined the role of Palestinian Authority and its role and relations with Israel, noting that the Central Council toke previous decisions   and its time to implement them.

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PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrwai speaking to diplomats in Bethlehem

Posted by PNNEnglish on Friday, December 15, 2017

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