Rajoub: The president’s speech at the Islamic Summit establishes for a national strategy


Fatah Central Committee’s secretary general Jibril Rajoub, described the speech by President Mahmoud Abbas at the Islamic summit as bold and establishes for a national strategy, pointing out that the president’s decision to form a committee to formulate a steadfast resistance strategy in Jerusalem aims at people, land, holy places, dignity of citizens and their ability to remain steadfast and resist.

Rajoub stressed that all Palestinians must realize the strategy to build full national partnerships that keep Palestine on the agenda of the world, pointing out that the president’s speech at the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation reflects the greatness of the Palestinian people and expresses their ambitions and aspirations.

He added that the outcomes of the Islamic summit reflect a national program closely linked to the Palestinian state and Jerusalem the capital, the refugee issue and the fact that Palestine is the hard core and the basic engine.

Rajoub stressed that this stage requires open strategic options, a unified program of struggle and consolidation of national unity to protect our consensus and the momentum of the international consensus against the Trump decision on Jerusalem, which he said has brought down the regional solution and put it in the forefront of the conflict.

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