Hundreds protest in Australia against Trump’s decision on Jerusalem


Hundreds of Palestinians and Australians gathered  in Swanson street Melbourne State Library, protesting against Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital city of Israel, hundreds of people marched the streets for “Hands Off Jerusalem” all together supporting each other in the 35degree heat.

The protest was Fantastic, successful and energetic, there was so many people from different counties raised a voice in support for Palestine.

After the participants gathered , many speeches were delivered expressing support for the Palestinian people and its national rights.

The speakers also rejected the US president’s Donald Trump decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel called him to back down on his decision.

Even though there was hundreds of very enthusiastic people rallying holding the Palestinian flags, Fateh flags, Turkish flag Hizb allah flag, and many other country flags in support of the Palestine.

from a distance there were 20 protesters carrying Israeli flags, trump flags and Australian flags, this was organised by Activist Avi Yemeni in support of Trump recognition, but the police made sure they were across the road kept a distance away from the Palestinian Rally.

The Counter Rally came to the “Hands of Jerusalem” rally to start troubles but they did not course any tension and they were no bother to the Palestinians rally groups at all.

The Rally continued peacefully spreading the anger word around the city to notify Trump he has made the wrong decision.

The rally finished with few young boys singing the very well song for the Palestinians.

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