MOFA: Palestinian nation refuses a status quo imposed by the occupation

PNN/ Ramallah/

 In his latest statement, Israeli PM Netanyahu called on the Palestinian side to recognize what he called a “recognition of the status quo” concurrently with a widespread Israeli incitement campaign against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, his speeches, and his declared positions, reflecting a fierce Israeli desire to deepen the gap between the Palestinian and American sides aimed at holding the Palestinians responsible for the continued failure to launch a peace process.

The Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has warned the international community and all countries of the dangers of ignoring Israel’s profound actions on the ground as an occupying power, which aim at unilaterally solving final status issues.

“The announcement by US President Trump and the Israeli government and Prime Minister disregard of international reactions to this declaration prompted Netanyahu to dare and demand the (recognition of the status quo), which ultimately illustrates that Netanyahu does not need negotiations to resolve the conflict and achieve peace, but calls on the Palestinian side to recognize the changes that the occupation has exerted throughout the years on the Palestinian reality,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry confirmed that the US President Trump announcement, and the international community and states’ reaction towards it encouraged Netanyahu to declare such statement, adding that the failure to hold Israel accountable as an occupying power for its grave violations of international law, international legitimacy and the Geneva Conventions fosters it to continue to perpetuate the occupation thwarting any effort to resume negotiations.