Passenger corridor to Erez terminal, Gaza-Israel border © WHO

WHO Report: 45% of Gaza patients did not receive travel permits from Israel 

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The most recent report by the World Health Organizations (WHO) states that more than 45% of patients unsuccessful in obtaining security permits from Israeli authorities: Of 2,017 patient applications for a permit to exit Gaza through Erez checkpoint for hospital appointments in October 2017, 55% were approved; 2% were denied including three children and two elderly patients; and 43% were pending and lost their hospital appointments including 164 children and 82 elderly.


In addition, more than half of patient companions unsuccessful in obtaining permits to travel out of Gaza: Of 2,306 permit applications for patient companions to Israeli authorities in October 2017, 43% were approved, 3% were denied and 54% were delayed, with their application still pending by the time of the patient’s hospital appointment date.


As for security interrogation of patients, 29 patients (16 males; 13 females) were requested for interrogation by the General Security Services at Erez during October. Two were approved permits to travel for health care.

The report added that there has been a significant increase in the number of referral documents for Gaza patients seeking financial coverage for health referrals: 1,661 requests for financial coverage for Gaza patients were approved by the Services Purchasing Unit of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in October but there remain a backlog of more than 1,400 requests for patient referrals.

Finally, the Rafah terminal was closed in both directions. No medical aid and no medical delegates entered Gaza, and one patient was arrested and detained while crossing Erez to access health care. 

More details in the full report