New settlement wave following Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

By: Madeeha Araj/ Nablus/

Despite the fact that the US Administration call to the Israeli leaders to rein in their statements and reactions on Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israeli Minister of Construction, Yoav Galant, proposed a plan for building 14,000 housing units in Jerusalem, including 7,000 units in East Jerusalem settlements hours after the decision. According to Galant’s plan, Israel will build 5,000 settlement units in the settlement of Atarot around Qalandia Airport, 2,000 units in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, 5000 units in the Katamon and 2,000 at the Rechis Laffan neighborhood in the West Jerusalem.

Following Trump’s recognition, Galant said, I will increase construction in a number of neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Other Israeli ministers said that “no excuses after today,” and that the excuse that prevented construction in Jerusalem is no longer anymore as long as Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Mayor of the occupied Jerusalem, Nir Barakat said that the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is “an important historical achievement.” The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that “this day is a festival day,” adding that the municipality will organize a huge festive, we have waited more than 70 years to get that.

Labor leader, Avi Gabbai, who merely uses the Israeli right terms, saying that “The United Jerusalem is more important than any political settlement even the peace process with the Palestinians, adding that the longing for the unification of Jerusalem brings together all Israelis.  He greeted the Trump’s recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

At the same time, the international stances spoke on the seriousness of this move, which was welcomed merely by Israel and Netanyahu, who compared the US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with the Balfour Declaration, the Nakba, the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, and described the recognition as a great moments in the history of Zionism.

In an extraordinary session, the UN Security Council, reiterated that the status of Jerusalem is defined by its various resolutions as an occupied city, it has not been changed and will not be changed unless both the parties agree through negotiations. The Council also called on the UN Organizations to deal with the challenges facing the Palestinian Cause in a way that maintains the inalienable Palestinian rights. State Delegates at the Security Council i.e. England, France, Italy, Bolivia, Uruguay and Senegal, stressed their rejection of the US administration unilateral decision being contradicts the International Legitimacy’s resolutions, calling for respecting those laws, and the current situation in the Jerusalem city.

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements condemned Trump’s decision to transfer the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and considered Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, considering that as a blatant violation of the International Law’s principles and a slap to the political and diplomatic standards governing the relations between the States and the nations, as the International Law prohibits the annexation of occupied territories to the sovereignty of the Occupying Power, clearly prohibits the transfer of the population of the State to the territories it occupies, as well as an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice at the Hague that recognizes the Palestinians’ right to establish an independent and sovereign State on 1967 territories, including Jerusalem. The National Bureau added, the decision serves the Israeli occupation policy and settlement expansion.

Moreover, the Israeli occupation forces resumed work to build the second section of the Wall around the “Beit Eil settlement north of the city of Ramallah in order to separate the settlement from the Jalazon Refugee Camp and other Palestinian neighborhoods. The Ministry of Defense recently allocated NIS 5.5,000,000 for the construction of the wall.

Within the context, Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hutobli visited the “Nativ Habbot settlement affiliated the “Gush Etzion”, which one of its buildings was demolished last week after a lawsuit and ownership testimony were shown. Hutobli, who met with the head of the settlement council, tried to find solutions to 17 buildings that were demolished, saying that the responsibility for settling the Nativ Hapbut neighborhood is a government responsibility, and that the government must find acceptable solution to the settlers in order to develop settlements in “Gush Etzion.” Moreover, Hutobli described the Supreme Court resolution to evacuate the settlement as unfair decision and called for ending the injustice of the Supreme Court..

As for the Qasra town, south of Nablus, settlers continue attacking the town under the protection of the Israeli occupation army to get in a cave where some settlers were detained by Palestinian Youths.  Israeli settlers, including Israeli Ministers as well as settler leaders gathered from several settlements, they stormed the town, but the residents demolished the cave late at night so as not to be an excuse for future settlers incursions. On the Facebook, Israeli citizens have incited to kill more Palestinians in the Qusra village of, south of Nablus. Though, a Palestinian citizen was seriously injured by them calling for the death of all Palestinians, adding the Palestinians “garbage that must be removed.”

A list of the Assaults Documented by the National Bureau Perpetrated by Israeli Occupation and Settlers over the last week:


  • Israeli bulldozers demolished foundations of a residential building under construction in the Ras Khamis neighborhood near the Shu’fat Refugee Camp under the being built without a permit.
  • Handing over demolition notices to a number of houses in the same area under the same pretext.
  • Ratifying a project to build scores of 2 luxury buildings in a historic site in the Abu-Toor neighbourhood, consisting of 6 floors that have 61 housing units.


  • Notifying citizens to stop construction works in a number of houses and facilities in the Idna town under the pretext of not having a permit in C area.


  • Seizing a bulldozer from the Khader town, south of Bethlehem, while opening agricultural road in the ​​”Bakush area” west of the town.


  • Erecting tents at the Al-Lehf Mountain, near the Salem village, thus, prevent residents from reaching their land. Those tents are about 2 km away from the Palestinian houses that causes real thread to their lives.
  • Storming the Joseph Tomb east of Nablus accompanied by Chairman of the Council of settlements, “Yossi Dagan” in order to perform the Talmudic prayers.
  • In the Qosra village, citizen, Ahmed Fayez Hasan, 24, was shot in the back, seriously wounded by Israeli soldiers, who came to protect the settlers, who stormed the village and assaulted the farmers.


Notifying the Abu Basal area residents to evict and demolish their houses under the pretext of violating the building laws.


  • Notifying 17 Palestinians in the villages of Senerya and Beit Amin to return the lands on which they built their homes as it was before building, and to summon before the so-called Civil Administration of whom, Moh’d Fattah Younis, Sa’ad Ahmed Omar, Fadl Ahmed Omar, Omar Saif Eddin, Samir Farid, Moh’d Al-Sheikh, Juma’a Mah’d Al-Shaikh, Majed Mah’d Al-Sheikh, Samer Abdul Majed Younis, Qutaiba Abdul Majed Younis, Mu’tasim Moh’d Al-Sheikh, Ibrahim Moh’d Saed Sheikh, Malik Moh’d Sheikh, Lutfi Mah’d Sheikh, Majed Abdel Naser Omar and Saeid Ismail Saleh.


Jordan Valley:

  • Preventing shepherds from grazing in the pastures of the Fariseiah area, and forcing them to leave the area.



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