The Israeli army arrest a child in Hebron last week

Ministry of Information: The occupation’s crimes require urgent international intervention

PNN/ Ramallah/ 

The Palestinian Ministry of Information in a statement said it considers the terrorism spree that the Israeli occupation army continues to commit against Palestinian people and journalists, a crime that requires urgent protection for the people, as it considers silence on such crimes suspicious.

“The Ministry affirms that Israel and its gangs and settlers won’t stop their brutal crimes by their own, but rater require urgent international intervention to end the occupation and bring lead the criminals the International Criminal Court,” statement said.

“The Ministry considers that the struggle of our people and their quest for freedom and self-determination is based on our natural right and cultural heritage and right to statehood with Jerusalem as our capital, noting that our people will not be intimidated by the injustice that the occupation has resorted to, and that our people will have East Jerusalem as our eternal capital, with its Islamic and Christian shrines, as we historically and righteously did in the past,” it added.

The statement concluded by wishing “peace be upon the souls of martyrs, freedom to our families and our homeland, and finally a tribute to all the journalists who despite what the face of violence and suppression from the Israeli they continue to convey and deliver the message of freedom of our people.”

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