Group: Occupation constantly violating Palestinian rights, including freedom of expression 

PNN/ Ramallah/

Sunday (10-12-2017) marked the 69th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, through which the United Nations established the foundations of the protected rights of all people. However, the rights of the Palestinian people have been flagrantly violated since the beginning of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories 50 years ago and all international resolutions on Palestine have remained dead on paper and on top of all that the president of United States a few days ago recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; in clear breach of several resolutions issued by the UN and the security council .

The past few day’s four people were killed and hundreds of wounded Palestinians demonstrators who came out to protest against this decision, is only another chapter in the series of Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

The freedom of expression and freedom of the press, which is one of the pillars of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as stated in article 19, has not been an exception of the aggression of the Israeli occupation forces, which targeted journalists and other Palestinian, Arab and foreign media on a large scale in an attempt to conceal the acts of repression and attacks on the ground.

At least 15 journalists were injured during the course of their professional duty to cover these incidents, which often posed a serious threat to their lives. Some of them were wounded with metal bullets, sound and gas bombs, as well as beatings and injuring dozens of them, some of which posed a real threat to their lives.

The Palestinian TV correspondent Ali Dar Ali, who was injured on Friday afternoon by two gas bombs fired by Israeli occupation forces while he was covering a demonstration at the northern entrance of Al-Bireh. The first one cused him Was seriously wound on the back of his head, while the second bomb hit him in the hand, causing a broken finger, where he went under surgery to put platinum in his hand.

Among the journalists who were wounded by the Israeli occupation from metal, gas and sound bombs, or were beaten are: Ahmed Hassaballah, Firas Tanina, Abbas Momani, Adel Abu Nima, Omar Abu Awad, Amjad Shahin, Majdi Benora, Luahiz al-Ja’abari, Dialah Juihan, Layali Eid , Mohammed Fawzi, Ali Ebidat and AlaaBdarneh. Most of the journalists who were in the field were also suffocated by the intensity of the soldiers firing gas bombs at them.

MADA condemns these attacks and reassure that impunity enjoyed by perpetrators and treating Israel as a state above law is an indirect encouragement for Israel to keep going with these attacks and crimes, that requires a serious international action to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes and attacks and pressure the government of Israel to stop all these attacks, especially those that target media freedoms.
In the main Picture: Palestinian TV correspondent Ali Dar Ali is lying in the hospital after being injured by two gas bombs fired by Israeli occupation forces

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