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Palestinians take the streets after Trump’s unilateral decision

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مسيرة في مدينة رام الله رفضاً لقرار ترمب إعلان القدس عاصمة للاحتلال

Posted by ‎القدس – alquds‎ on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Palestinian take the streets after the noon prayers protesting Trump’s decision. All Palestinian cities, villages and camps are on strike today as part of the popular Palestinian responses to US President Donald Trump’s unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation state. Shops, school and universities have been closed in response to calls by Palestinian factions, headed by Fatah, Hamas and other Palestinian factions. The ministry of  Higher Education has also announced its commitment to the comprehensive strike declared by the National and Islamic Movements. 

Meanwhile, the Occupation army announced a state of alert in the West Bank and prepared more units to work in the West Bank to counter the day of anger declared by the Palestinian factions in response to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Israeli news sites said that the Israeli army forces intensified their presence in the main streets at the points of contact and strengthened their presence in more than one city and street. Sources said that the Israeli army forces, police and security apparatus announced a state of alert in the city of Jerusalem in anticipation of the outbreak of violent confrontations in the city after the noon prayer.

Yesterday, the occupation army held a security assessment session to study the situation on the ground to see the required steps to be taken. They have put in place a series of escalating measures to confront any Palestinian escalation, and several units have been put on alert.

According to the security assessments, Hamas will encourage the demonstrators to reach the boarders in order to confront the IOF forces, where it is decided that there will also be increased alert along the boarders of the Gaza Strip.


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