Video :Bethlehem museum decorat Olive tree with to reflect city suffering caused by Israeli occupation


In a ceremony attended by a group of Palestinians and Internationals to initiative by Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation “HCEF” as part of Bethlehem Heart of Christmas, Bethlehem Museum celebrated lighting its Christmas tree which was decorated with gas bombs and live bullets fired by the Israeli occupation army on the Palestinian.

The tree was decorated  with dozens of teargas and stun grenades which were painted with Christmas decorations, and child of the cave was placed in a suitcase surrounded by barbed wire and walls to express the suffering of the city of  and its people because if Israeli occupations magers.

The Palestinians seek to confirm by this tree that they are turning Israeli tools of killing into life tools to assure they want life, peace, justice and freedom.

Khader Handal ICT Officer at Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation said that our message from this event is to show to the world that we want to have pace and joye and love.

Handal said that they use decorated the tree with gas bombs and live bullets fired at Palestinian children adding that the idea came from Bethlehem museum and started to work together on it to send message to all peoples all over the world that olive tree is simple of pace.

He said also that there is another important message by decorating the olive tree her in Bethlehem adding that we want to end occupations and we want to live in Peace with all hoping that will happen soon or later.

The Palestinians also say that there are multiple messages of lighting the olive trees in Christmas, the most important is that its blessed tree, which is uprooted by Israeli occupation and therefore had to be decorated  because it is a tree with many meanings to Palestinian people.

Mazen Karam Mazen Karam Managing Director/CEO of the Bethlehem Development Foundation BDF told PNN that lighting this tree is signifies to important thing her for Palestinians, first that we are using indonesia’s trees olive tree which is permanent long life tree wail in europe people use saipres tree.

Karam added that decorating the olive tree is to reflect that Christmas was born her in Bethlehem,Palestine and the others is using tear gas canisters that wes used against our children in the demonstrations and we are returning them on the tree and not back to the Israelis because we are pace loving people and even if we were harmed we will  we will teach our children the meaning and importance of peace.

The citizens of Bethlehem and other cities who attend the lighting of the museum tree expressed their happiness with the idea  because it contributes to the deliver of the Palestinian reality in a way related to the glorious Christmas holidays which carries the meaning of freedom and human dignity which Jesus Christ bring.

Eman Najeem a Palestinian citizen from Jerusalem said she is very happy to see an olive tree as christmas tree and not as usual from different kind of trees adding that its something unusual and nice and we are glad to have it her in bethlehem.

Najeem added that olive tree is simple peace and it represent message to all world that we are nation want to live in peace and freedom and freedom of movement and to be liberated its really nice idea and i advise everyone to visit the museum  and see it.

At the end of every year, when the world celebrates Christmas, Palestinians are trying to remind the world that they have been under occupation for 70 years, hoping some one will help them end it and live in dignity and freedom .

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