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The national Bureau: a new Nakbah may take place if Israel forces Bedouin communities to leave their lands

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The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements released the weekly report on settlements named Israel’s plans Ethnic Cleansing The Bedouin Communities Surrounding Jerusalem in which they wrote:

“The deadline given by the occupation authorities to the citizens of the Jabal Al-Baba in the Eizariya town, Jerusalem, to leave their land, properties and homes ended last week.  Thus, a new Nakbah (catastrophe) may take place should they succeed in implementing the plan, which means besieging the city of Jerusalem as a whole, and completely isolating it from its Palestinian surroundings.

The Judaization, racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing policy that carried out by the occupation government against the Palestinian citizens in the East Jerusalem i.e. the Bedouin communities in Jabal-Baba, Arab-Jahalin and Abu-Nawar community to evacuate them requires the world countries, especially, the US to intervene and pressure the Israeli government to stop that as their evacuation comes within the Israeli authorities to establish a link between the Ma’aleh Adumim and the surrounding settlement blocs with the occupied Jerusalem in order to control and isolate it from its Palestinian surroundings through E1 plan, which states the evacuation of all the Palestinian “Bedouin” living in E1 Area and the areas surrounding the settlement of the Ma’aleh Adumim.

Within the context of the Judaization plan, especially in the old town, Israel exchanges roles with the official State of occupation and the settlement associations of which the “Elad” settlement organization to control the citizens’ properties adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Buraq Square.”

The report included a list of the Assaults Documented by the National Bureau Perpetrated by Israeli Occupation and Settlers over the last week with explanations about each area which are Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jenin, Hebron Nablus, Salfeet and the Jordan valley

For full report: Settlement-Weekly-Report (5)


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