Bethlehem Celebrates Smart Water System SCADA

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Bethlehem Water supply and Sewage Authority celebrated finishing its Smart Water Project to introduce the water control system (SCADA) in the areas where it provides its services. The ceremony was held at the Jacir Palace Hotel in Bethlehem. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Minster, Mohammed Jabareen, Bethlehem Mayor, Anton Salman, General Director of Public Affairs in Bethlehem Mohammed Al Jaafari, Mayor of Beit Jala Nicola Khamis, Mayor of Beit Sahour Jihad Khair, General Manger of the Bethlehem Water Authority Engineer Akram Nassar, The Italian Consul General in Jerusalem, the President of Italian Municipalities, and an Italian delegation and representatives of various ministries and institutions.

Nassar and thanked the attendees for coming to the ceremony of the SCADA project. This project which is a Palestinian- Italian cooperation project will allow monitoring the pipeline network, pressure and reservoirs, monitoring of pumps, monitoring of sewage stations and collecting data based on intelligent systems. Nassar thanked the Municipal Support Fund and the Mayor of Turin  and all companies, staff and technical staff from the Water Authority.

Bethlehem Mayor, Anton Salman, stressed the depth of the relationship between Bethlehem and the Italian municipalities that is based on cultural, historical and religious aspects, pointing out that their cooperation on the establishment of a sewage network in Bethlehem goes back to 1990 which contributed to the disposal of wastewater.

He explained that this is a continuation of this relationship, as it will contribute to solving many problems, stressing that it is one of several projects adopted by the Italian government to support the Palestinian people. Salman thanked the people and the Italian government for their continued support to the Palestinian people. Salman also referred to the relationship between Bethlehem Municipality and the Municipality of Turin, which provided a lot of support and contribution to the development of the services and work of the Municipality of Bethlehem.

The Italian Consul General, Fabio Sokolwics, said he is happy to attend this ceremony which links the Palestinian and Italian municipalities, a very nice example of the general cooperation between the two countries. It is also a cooperation carried out through a program implemented for Italy 10 years ago. It includes cooperation between ninety municipalities which are part of the general cooperation between both countries. He explained that cooperation between Italy and Palestine happens on many levels, governmental, private and cooperation between the people of Italy and Palestine, stressing that there are efforts to strengthen and develop these relations.

The deputy mayor of Turin, Guido Montenri, thanked the Palestinian side and he pointed out that the cooperation in the field of energy and water aims to preserve and protect the environment. He added that there are objectives behind the decision to support the solar energy project, the most important of which is preservation of nature and the environment. It also reflects the desire to jointly develop the relationship for the stability of the two cities.

He added that the idea of ​​this project and other projects such as the energy project announced today is to confirm the continuation of cooperation between Italy and Palestine and a challenge between the municipalities of Turin and Bethlehem. He pointed out that the there is close cooperation between the two countries in energy, Water projects, preservation of history, archaeology and market development. Finally he added that this relationship has become a tradition that led the newly elected mayor of Turin to sign the first international cooperation agreement between the two cities.

At the end of the ceremony, a group of Palestinian and Italian specialists presented a number of lectures about the project, the technologies used and the required awareness campaigns. A documentary about the SCADA project produced by  PNN which was presented in  the ceremony. 

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