Israeli Occupation Forces Source: Aljazeera

More Palestinians detained in IOF night raids in West Bank cities


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested six Palestinians during raids in several areas in the West Bank.

An occupation force arrested a freed prisoner in an ambush near the Za’tara checkpoint. He was with 5 young men they were all taken to an unknown destination.

Another previously detained prisoner who spent nearly 15 years in prison, was arrested again at a checkpoint between Nablus and Jenin.

In Beit Fajar town, Israeli  forces  raided and searched a number of houses,  they demolished houses belonging to Ibrahim Abu Habis Direya. They also gave notes to a freed prisoner to go to their intelligence for interrogation.

In Jenin, occupation forces arrested  another Palestinian after his house was raided in the town of Burqin in Jenin.

Tulkarm city and  Shu’fat refugee camp north of occupied Jerusalem were also raided last night.


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