Palestinian communities in the US start a campaign protesting against closing PLO office

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Palestinian communities in the United States have continued their campaign against the US State Department’s decision not to renew the license of the Palestinian diplomatic delegation in Washington and to shut down its office. Multiple meetings have been held and a letter was written to the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to voice their rejection of the decision and to urge an extension of the waiver for the PLO delegation. The letter included reasons why this decision is unreasonable considering the US wants to be an honest broker for the peace process in the middle east.

In the letter they wrote: “We are deeply concerned about the decision to impose restrictions on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) General Delegation in Washington, DC, by refusing to extend the waiver on the statutory restrictions imposed by Congress.

It was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who turned down the Arab Peace Initiative; he rejected President Barack Obama’s call for a solution based on the 1967 borders; and he declared that there will never be a Palestinian state on his watch.

Mr. Secretary, our country prides itself on championing freedom of speech, accountability, and rule of law as principles that make the world a better place. In accordance with these principles, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has the right to call for the ICC to hold Israel accountable for crimes committed against the Palestinian people in successive military assaults. In light of Israeli rejectionism and a culture of impunity that’s demonstrated by countless human rights reports, it is the right of the Palestinian people to use all international legal means to address their grievances.

Shutting down the PLO mission would undermine U.S. credibility as an honest peace broker just as President Donald Trump plans to advance “the ultimate deal” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; a deal that’s difficult to achieve even under the best of circumstances.

We urge you to extend the waiver for the PLO delegation, and to pursue a meaningful peace effort by pushing Israel to show good faith by ending its unlawful and unilateral expansion of settlements, thereby making renewed peace talks possible.”

For Full letter Palestine-Office-Letter-1 (1)

On the other hand, Arab institutions in the United States said that the decision of the US state Department not to renew the license of the PLO delegation will have great and harmful effects on the peace process.

Arab institutions in the United States also said the office is the sole representation of the Palestinian people in Washington, and the administration’s decision would have a significant and damaging impact on any attempts to resume peace negotiations.

They have rejected linking unnamed US State Department officials to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s request for an investigation into the International Criminal Court (ICC) on “Israeli officials and their involvement in settlement activities and attacks.”

The Arab communities and institutions said they would hold a press conference announcing their position and steps against the US State Department’s decision.

On the other hand, the President of the American Federation of Ramallah held a reception in honor of the recovery of the secretary general of the PLO Executive Committee, Dr. Saeb Erekat, after the lung transplant. Discussions about the US decision dominated the ceremony.

Dr. Hanna Hanania said that the reception in honor of Dr. Erekat was attended by a number of Arab officials and diplomats, the Palestinian ambassador to Washington, Hossam Zamelat, the Jordanian ambassador to Washington, the Egyptian ambassador and the ambassador of the Arab League in the United States of well as members of Palestinians.

He said that all the speeches and discussions during the reception of Dr. Erekat focused on the importance of diplomatic and media action to clarify the dangers of the US decision against the office of the PLO delegation in Washington.



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