Abdullah Abu Rahmah Human Right Activist /

Israel arrests Human Rights Defender Abdullah Abu Rahmah

Human rights activist Abdullah Abu Rahmah will be brought before an Israeli military judge in the Ofer military base today after being arrested again during yet another raid to his home on Sunday.
In a statement by The Colonization and Wall Resistance Comission they wrote that over a dozen military Jeeps invaded Bil’in village and stormed several homes. Abdullah, was first interrogated in his home while his wife and four children watched as soldiers spilled the entire contents of the children’s room on a pile the floor. Abdullah  and 16 year old Ahmad Abu Rahmah were taken and are still being held by the military. Ashraf Abu Rahmah another Bil’in activist is also being held following his arrest On 14 November 2017.
Abdullah has been interrogated by the occupation authorities on suspicions that he “harmed the security of the area” and “harmed” what they call “the fence”  which is the Israeli Apartheid Wall.
The recent arrest is part of an ongoing campaign of harassment. The village of Bil’in has waged a campaign of creative popular resistance to the Israeli annexation wall and settlements which resulted in their winning back half of their agricultural land that would have been separated from the village by Israel’s Apartheid wall. The occupation authorities have been trying to end this campaign since it began in 2005.
They added that just days before his arrest on the 15th of November 2017 Abdullah appeared before a military judge as a defendant in proceedings against him for his participation in the Alwada Cycling Marathon that was held on Nakba day 13.05.2016.  In 2010, Abdallah served 16 months in prison after being convicted on charges of “incitement” and “organizing and participating in an illegal demonstration.” Abdullah continued to advocate for nonviolent action and Human rights from prison.  During Abdallah’s imprisonment Catherine Ashton recognized Abu Rahmah as a Human Rights Defender,
Ashraf Abu Rahmah, whose siblings, Basem and Jawaher were both killed in separate incidents while nonviolently protesting the illegal wall constructed on their land. Ashraf himself has been wounded and arrested repeatedly including an arrest in 2011 when he was imprisoned for 8 months.

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