Palestinian-American Community unites in protest against the US decision to close PLO Office

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Different institutions of the Palestinian-American community prepared various events and activities to protest
and express their rejection to the US State Department decision not to renew the license of the Palestinian diplomatic mission office in Washington. Currently work is being done on issuing special permits for the events which will include a protest in front of the US State Department office in Washington.

Dr. Hanna Hanania, head of the Ramallah Federation, told PNN that the Palestinian-American communities will protest demanding that the US retreats on this decision which he considered very surprising and unreasonable since the United States sees itself as a legitimate sponsor for the peace process in the middle east and Palestine in particular.

Hanania said that they held immediate meetings to discuss ways to deal with the US decision, they agreed to launch some work on social media and start a Hashtag asking the US State Department and Congress to retreat.

They also agreed on having an extensive meeting to confirm that the Palestinians and Arab Americans and peace advocates who are keen on the reputation of their country refuse that Washington supports a country over the other, especially because the reasons presented by the US State are illogical considering that the Palestinian demands are in accordance with international resolutions.

He said that the events will start with a press release by the Palestinian-American community and all supporting institutions and countries asking for a retreat from this decision. He added that the coming hours will witness multiple meetings to launch pressure campaigns.

He expressed his confidence in the members of the various Palestinian and Arab communities and institutions from the United States and other countries who are keen on the Palestinian national cause and on achieving justice. He stressed that the events should equate the dangers of the resolution which affects every Palestinian and touches all American values ​​that talk about justice, human values, human dignity and freedoms. 

He called on all proud Palestinians in the United States to participate in the events and be contributors to the consolidation of the national rights of their people and their cause and emphasize that the United States must remain an honest and important player in achieving peace and justice in the countries of the world.

In a speech to the Annual Conference of the Holy Land Association in New Jersey, The head of the General Committee of the PLO in Washington, Dr. Hossam Zemelt said that threats to close the office of the PLO in Washington is a reckless move, and that the biggest loser from it will be the US as this move does not help its effort in sponsoring the peace process in the Middle East stressing that American Congress’ efforts to satisfy the Israeli Lobby are the main reason why a peace process was not reached in the last years.

Zemelt stressed that Palestine will work in accordance with international diplomatic norms. He said “These threats come under Israeli  pressure which have been revealed recently in the Israeli press, referring to a plan approved by Netanyahu aiming at closing the PLO office in Washington.”

American associations and institutions in the Northeastern United States have agreed to establish a Higher Coordinating Committee to unify and coordinate the efforts of representative organizations of the Palestinian community in the Northeast region of the United States.

The Committee is composed of 15 members representing all the Palestinian institutions, organizations and groups in the Northeastern United States. Mr. Basem Hishmah, has been appointed Coordinator of the Committee.

The committee will encourage the new Palestinian American generation to become involved in politics in the United States to convey the true picture of the Palestinian cause and support the steadfastness of our people at home.

The committee will also work to establish a Palestinian lobby in order to pressure the US Congress on the decisions on the Palestinian issue.

Dr. Hanna Hanania, head of the American Union for Ramallah, concluded that the work is based on forming the last committee in the south on December 10. Perhaps the latest political developments will show the importance of the Palestinian voice in America to defend the attacks on our people from sanctions and attempts to blackmail and other steps of pressure on the Palestinian people.

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