Lebanese Prime Minster: Saad Hariri. Source: BBC

Hariri will be back in Lebanon to submit his resignation in a constitutional manner

PNN/ Lebanon/

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri  said on Sunday evening in an interview broadcast from Riyadh, that he was not forced to resign and confirmed that he had written his resignation himself.

He said, “I submitted my resignation, and I know it is not the proper way for a prime minster to resign.

He stressed that he had resigned completely and that he would return to Lebanon within days to submit his resignation in a constitutional manner, because it was done in an unusual manner. He also assured everyone that he has freedom of movement and can leave Saudi Arabia whenever he likes.

He said that his presence in Saudi Arabia concerns his personal security and his family.

Hariri explained that his resignation came to cause a positive shock to the Lebanese, aimed at awakening them.

He also pointed out that there are many parties who do not want Saad Hariri, so he had to take action .

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