The Islamic Jihad movement responds to Israel’s threat of attacking

PNN/ Gaza/

The Islamic Jihad Movement released a statement responding to Israel’s recent threats of attacking the movement’s leaders. In which they said:

“The lives of our people and our children are precious, as well as the lives and blood of our leaders, and the enemy’s terror attempts and its threats do not scare us as it will not discourage our persistent leadership on the path of jihad, resistance and commitment to our principles

Our message to this murderous and criminal settler: Your hands which are stained with the blood of children will not stop killing until they are cut off and you leave our homeland

The enemy’s threats to target the leadership of the movement is a declaration of war, which we will respond to.

Those Threats reveal the true intentions of the Israeli Zionist Forces who initiated the attack violating the cease-fire agreement which was under Egypt’s sponsorship in 2014.

We reaffirm our right to respond to any attack, including our right to respond to the Israeli attack on the tunnel belonging to al-Qassam brigades east of Deir al-Balah, which led to killing of 12 Militants.”