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Rouhani: Houthis Missile Attack on Riyadh is a recreation to Saudi Aggression

PNN/ Iran

President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, said that Yemen’s Houthis missile attacks targeting Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh are a reaction to what he called Saudi aggression.

His comments came after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran of delivering missiles to Yemeni rebels for them to use against targets in the Saudi Arabia that he described as “direct military aggression.” which Iran denied and said that they want peace between the parties. He stressed,  “We want the welfare and development of Yemen, Iraq and Syria, and of Saudi Arabia too. There are no other paths forward than friendship, brotherhood and mutual assistance.”

Rouhani also said Saudi Arabia had made a “strategic mistake” by considering the United States and Israel as friends and Iran as an enemy. He said, “The United States and their allies have mobilized all their capabilities against us and achieved nothing.”

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