Israel holds the bodies of 5 Palestinian Militants killed in the tunnel bombing

PNN/ Gaza/

The Israeli Occupation Forces aid that it is holding the bodies of five Palestinian militants killed last week in the tunnel which Israel blew up in Gaza.

Last week Israeli Occupation Forces blew up tunnels on the Gaza Strip border near the Kissufim military base and killed 12 militants who were in the tunnel.

The Israeli military said it would not release the five bodies unless an agreement is made towards releasing the bodies of two Israeli soldiers which have been held by Hamas since 2014. according to Haartez.

Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu said that Israel will not return the bodies of the five Palestinian militants for free, he said, “We will bring our boys home, there are no free gifts,”

Netanyahu said in a statement published by his office that they “maintains two simple principles,”the first is that we attack those who try to attack us and the other is that we will not give free gifts.”

Islamic Jihad spokesman in Gaza, Dawoud Shehab, said “We are committed to regaining the bodies of our comrades and we will find a way to compel the enemy to do this.”

The IOF spokesmen said that, “Over the last few days, the southern command and the Gaza division have completed their efforts in exposing and destroying terror tunnels.” The claims is that during this process, the five bodies were found in Israeli territory

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