PSC call for extensive participation in the march against the Balfour Declaration in london

London /PNN/

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration, an act of imperialism that laid the foundations for the dispossession of the Palestinian people.

Theresa May has announced her government’s intention to celebrate the centenary “with pride” and will be sitting down to a celebratory dinner with Benjamin Netanyahu tonight.

This morning PSC placed a letter in the Guardian addressed to Boris Johnson and signed by over 40 organisations and leading cultural and political figures.

But on Saturday November 4th, we need to deliver an even louder message.

We need you to take to the streets of London with your families, friends, colleagues and communities.

Join us as we deliver a message to the British Government – acknowledge Britain’s historic complicity, but recognise also your responsibilities to ensure that Israel abides by international law and ceases its violations of human rights.

A message to Benjamin Netanyahu, who will still be in London on the 4th: you are not welcome here and we will continue to join with Palestinians to resist the injustices your government inflicts on a daily basis.

And a message too to the people of Palestine: your cause is not forgotten and we in the UK in this year of the centenary of Balfour know our responsibilities – we will keep fighting, keep marching, keep lobbying until you enjoy equality, justice, and rights in your homeland.

Our friends and comrades in Palestine have called for us to march in solidarity. Our friend Issa Amro is currently on trial in an Israeli military court under false charges. Issa, who coordinates the non-violent direct action group Youth Against Settlements, represents the steadfastness of the generations of Palestinians who have had to resist Israel’s violence, settlement building and land theft in order to exist. In the above video he joins the call for the UK to mobilise on November 4th.

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