Israel used internationally banned weapons in latest attack on a tunnel in Gaza

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The spokesmen of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, said in a statement that Israel used internationally banned weapons in its latest attack on a tunnel south of Gaza Strip.
He explained that the condition of the Palestinian martyrs who were killed during the attack when they arrived at the hospital indicates that they were exposed to a large amount of gunpowder and poisonous gas.

al-Qidra explained that the Occupation Air Force Shelled the confined area with countless missiles which contain toxic. He added that these banned poisonous gases were used for the first time and their types have not been recognized yet.

The Israeli Occupation army spokesman, in an attempt to ease tensions and prevent an escalation, claimed that Israel did not use chemicals or banned weapon to blow up the tunnel. He said, “The majority of the dead were killed during the process of clearing the workers from the tunnel in which they were stuck inside. The death was caused as a result to the explosive materials that were in the tunnel, in addition to smoke and dust, the army did not pump any materials into the tunnel, and there was no intention to target senior leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement.”

He also added that “the dead fell in the territory of Gaza, this is the first time that the Islamic Jihad Movement tries to dig a tunnel towards Israel with Iran’s help.”

The IOF estimates that the Islamic Jihad Movement, which follows Hamas’ position on everything related to the cease-fire, has received prior approval for digging the tunnel.

The spokesman also claimed that targeting the tunnel was “a defense move by Israel to protect its sovereignty which is being violated by the Palestinian fractions.”

Reportedly the IOF refuses to announce how far deep is the tunnel inside the Israeli boarder and  it is worth noting that the tunnel was not open from Israeli side, meaning that the tunnel was not ready for immediate use.


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