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PCHR releases report on Israeli violations international law and international humanitarian law

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Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza released two reports one on its monitoring of  Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law during the period of 19- 25 October 2017. Another report where it condemns the assassination attempt of a Hamas official.

First, Israel committed many violations during the period of 19- 25 October 2017 they are highlighted below

  • Palestinian child was wounded in the centre of Hebron, south of the West Bank.
  • Israeli forces conducted 67 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one into the central Gaza Strip.
  • 95 civilians, including 30 children, were arrested in the West Bank.
  • 54 of them, including 23 children, were arrested in Jerusalem and its suburbs.
  • Israeli forces confiscated amounts of money, claiming their owners obtained them from Hamas Movement and maltreated many families.
  • Israeli forces continue to target the Gaza Strip border areas.
  • Israeli authorities continue to make a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.
  • Israeli Intelligence and police officers along with their Special Forces carried out an arrest and maltreatment campaign against the residents of al-‘Issawiyah village.
  • Israeli forces raided “Saint George” Hotel in the centre of Jerusalem and prevented a seminar from being held, claiming it is sponsored by the Palestinian Authority (PA)
  • Israeli forces continue settlement activities in the West Bank
  • Two dwellings, a grow house and barrack were demolished in Hebron.
  • Israeli forces also confiscated an excavator, which was clearing a plot of land in Beit Dajen village, east of Nablus.
  • Israeli forces continued to target the Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip Sea.
  • 6 Shooting incidents were documented against Palestinian fishing boats, but no casualties were reported.
  • Israeli forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 10th
  • Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.
  • 10 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children, were arrested at the checkpoints in the West Bank.
  • A patient from Khan Younis was arrested at Beit Hanoun “Erez” Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.


In the West Bank, on 20 October 2017, a 14-year-old Palestinian child was wounded with a bullet to the right foot when Israeli soldiers stationed at the checkpoint at the entrance to al-Shuahdaa’ Street in the centre of Hebron, moved into Bab al-Zawiyah neighbourhood.  A number of children and youngsters gathered in the neighbourhood and threw stones at the soldiers, who opened fire at the stone-throwers.  As a result, the child was wounded.

In the Gaza Strip, as part of the Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen offshore, Israeli forces monitored the Israeli escalating attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea although the later were allowed to sail up to 9 nautical miles instead of 6.  This proves that the Israeli forces continue their policy to target fishermen and their livelihood.  During the reporting period, Israeli gunboats chased the fishing boats and opened fire at them 6 times; 3 were in the north-western Beit Lahia and 3 in the western Soudaniyah area in the northern Gaza Strip.


During the reporting period, Israeli forces conducted at least 67 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank. During those incursions, Israeli forces arrested at least 95 Palestinian civilians, including 30 children. Fifty-four of those, including 23 children, were arrested in Jerusalem and its suburbs.  PCHR also documented that Israeli forces maltreated Palestinian civilians while raiding their houses.  During many house raids, Israeli forces confiscated amounts of money claiming their owners obtained them from Hamas Movement.

In the Gaza Strip, on 24 October 2017, Israeli forces moved 100 meters into the western side of the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel, northeast of al-Bureij, amidst the Israeli shooting towards farmers, who were forced to leave the area.  The Israeli vehicles levelled and combed the lands adjacent to the border fence and later redeployed along the fence.

Measures to Make a Jewish Majority in occupied East Jerusalem

During the reporting period, on 23 October 2017, Israeli soldiers and Special Police and Intelligence officers backed by a helicopter moved into al-‘Issawiyah village, northeast of Hebbron from its entire main and sub entrances.  They raided and searched dozens of houses and so terrified the residents.  Before withdrawing, Israeli forces arrested 50 civilians from the village, including 23 children, and took them to the detention and investigation facilities in Jerusalem.

As part of targeting NGOs, on 25 October 2017, Israeli forces and Intelligence officers raided “Saint George” Hotel on Salah al-Deen Street in the center of occupied EJrusalem.  They prevented a seminar titled as: “Islamic and Christian Endowments in Jerusalem” from being held under the pretext of being sponsored by the PA.

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Secondly, PCHR released another report condemning the attempted assassination of  the Head of the Internal Security Services in Gaza, General Tawfiq Abu Na’im, on Friday, 27 October 2017. Unidentified persons planted an explosive device in his car after performing the Friday Prayer.  PCHR stresses that efforts should be intensified to encounter any attempt to destabilize the Gaza Strip and to act immediately in order to prosecute the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Hamas Movement Said that Israel is behind the attempted assassination of Abu Na’im as Isma’il Haniyah, Chief of Hamas Political Bureau, stated, “regardless who is behind this, Israel and its cronies are responsible.”  Deputy Chief of Hamas, Khalil al-Hayyah, said that Israel is behind this failed attack and tries to undermine the reconciliation agreement which has been reached this month.

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