IOF detain dozens Palestinian farmers behind the Apartheid wall

PNN/ Selfit/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) detained dozens of Palestinian farmers from the city of Salfit late Sunday night behind the Apartheid wall.

One of the farmers said that the gate is supposed to be open for farmers to exit around the afternoon prayer time which is around 3:38, but the Israeli soldiers detained them till even after the evening prayer time which is around 7:35.

He added that the occupation forces had set the dates for the opening and closing of the gate but they do not follow their own dates, which normally causes the farmers to be detained for several hours waiting behind the wall.

According to the researcher d. Khalid Maali, the construction of the Apartheid wall, caused heavy damage to the Palestinian agricultural fields, more than 30% of the farmers time is wasted during the process of waiting for the opening and closing of the gates. This is against the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and against the decision of the Lahai court, and according to the International law the Occupation authorities must offer the farmers a compensation for their losses.

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